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dental crown in Bankers Hill
01 Jan 2022

4 Situations where a Dentist may Recommend a Dental Crown

Dr. William V. Carlo is a dentist in Bankers Hill who educates patients on ways to restore and repair damaged teeth. One of the most common dental restorations used at a dental office is the dental crown. Dental crowns are a way to protect a tooth or strengthen it, preventing it from experiencing further damage. …

01 Dec 2021

Holiday Snacks and Treats that are Good for your Smile!

At the practice of Dr. William V. Carlo, we are proud to help patients throughout the Bankers Hill, San Diego, CA area achieve healthy, gorgeous smiles with comprehensive dental care solutions. Even though we provide a wide range of services in our dental practice, the smile’s health depends on the care patients take at home. …

Holiday Snacks And Treats That Are Good For Your Smile!
When Should I Consider Dental Implants?
01 Nov 2021

When should I Consider Dental Implants?

If you have experienced the loss of one or more teeth, you may already feel uncomfortable and embarrassed by the appearance and function of your smile. But what options are available to you? Which tooth replacement treatment is most appropriate for your unique needs? Dr. William V. Carlo is a dentist in the Bankers Hill, …

01 Oct 2021

How to Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Sitting across from a professional and hearing you have cancer can be a life-changing moment. While cancer is a scary condition, today’s technology makes it easier than ever to not only diagnose cancer but effectively treat it. This applies to those who are at risk of oral cancer. Each year, over 30,000 individuals in the …

signs and symptoms of oral cancer
restore confidence in your smile with porcelain veneers
01 Sep 2021

Restore Confidence in Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Dr. William V. Carlo and his team in Bankers Hill, San Diego, CA believe in providing patients of the Bankers Hills community with solutions for improving the appearance and function of the smile. Imperfections present on the front, or “anterior,” teeth may significantly affect the way the smile appears to others—and in some cases, can …

01 Aug 2021

The Diabetes and Oral Health Connection

Patients in the Bankers Hill, San Diego, CA area who have a diagnosis of diabetes may not be aware that there is a link between oral hygiene and diabetes. In fact, this oral systemic connection, when found and addressed, can help patients live healthier lifestyles and in some cases, manage their diabetes without medication! Drs. …

the diabetes and oral health connection
four tips to make your smile summer ready
01 Jul 2021

Is Your Smile Ready For Summer? Four Tips For Bright Smiles

Summer is in full swing, which means a season jam-packed with weddings, reunions, and family vacations. Don’t you want your smile to look beautiful in all the photos? Dr. William V. Carlo is a dentist in Bankers Hill who is here to help patients in the Bankers Hill, San Diego, California area look and feel …

02 Jun 2021

Commonly Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening

Do you feel your stained or discolored smile is holding you back in your personal and business relationships? Do you find yourself avoiding others because of dark or yellowed teeth? Patients who have a less-than-perfect smile may find themselves avoiding social interactions because they are embarrassed about the way their smile looks. Some may find …

commonly asked questions about teeth whitening
dental hygiene near you in Bankers Hill
03 May 2021

Ways Your Dental Health Impacts Your Overall Health

“The mouth is the gateway to the human body.” When you think about your oral health, you might not give much thought to how it’s a reflection of your overall wellness. But as time goes by, scientists have proven over and over that there are direct ties between dental wellness and correlating medical conditions. It …

01 Apr 2021

Bad Breath and Dental Bridges

People with dental bridges in Bankers Hill understand how it’s possible to get food caught up underneath their fixed restoration, just against their gums. As long as you clean around your bridge each day, it shouldn’t be a problem. But if buildup accumulates over time, it can lead to tartar deposits, gum infections, and halitosis …

how to clean bridges to avoid bad breathe
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New Doctor, Same Great Care!

With great respect, we are here to announce that Dr. Carlo has happily retired and is passing the baton onto Dr. Kerry, our wonderful new owner. Dr. Kerry is thrilled to serve her patients with personalized care and a compassionate approach.

We are grateful for Dr. Carlo’s contributions to our community and strive to continue providing the same great care to our patients. We are currently building a new website so stay tuned and feel free to give us a call with any questions - we can’t wait to hear from you!