Dentures offer another tooth replacement alternative. Dr. Carlo works closely with his tooth replacement patients to evaluate the condition of the mouth and determine whether partial dentures, implant-supported dentures, or implants would be the best solution.


Partial dentures, on the other hand, are dental prosthetics designed to replace a small section of the teeth and gums. They’re meant to fill in the gaps left by lost teeth to create a full, attractive smile.

Implant Supported Dentures and Partials

Implant-supported dentures are popular as a middle ground for patients who want a solution more advanced than traditional dentures without the complexity of implant restorations. As the name suggests, implant-supported dentures are supported by at least two implants installed in the jawbone, which makes talking, chewing, and biting much easier.
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Hybrid Dentures

Hybrid dentures offer a natural-looking, long-term solution for patients coping with extensive tooth loss.

They combine the techniques of a regular denture and a fixed bridge to create a complete replacement for the teeth and gums.

Hybrid dentures are also known as fixed-detachable dentures because they are affixed firmly to the jawbone with dental implants, but can also be detached and removed for cleaning or replacement. Since four to six dental implants create a solid base for the denture, this tooth replacement solution is best for patients with strong, sufficient jawbone remaining.
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